Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Taking Control

Consultancy advice is available to clients and partners, when a standard training courses does not meet your needs.
Consultancy advice covers a range of areas such as strategy, organisational change, leadership, legislation and professional
development. My background is from over 30 years experience in the Social Care field providing advice and provide you with up to date guidance.

If you are interested in learning more about Consultancy on Social Care issues please contact me to discuss your requirements
further. Training Needs Analysis will be offered to meet your exact needs.
Personal social services, already heavily inspected, is increasingly under the spot light. At a time when social and demographic change is increasing demand for services,
the public and politician's expectations are growing. Last year, at least 75% of local authorities overspend their personal social
services budgets. At the same time, there is a growing emphasis on partnership working to achieve outcomes. Management capacity and
strategic resources are at full stretch.

Social work puts you in a responsible position, which requires training and professionalism. Being interested in people is important, but it's not enough. Social work is also about quick-thinking, thorough, persuasive. Above all, absolutely committed in seeing that what needs to be done gets done. Social Work means that you never give up on people. And when the solutions fall into place, the results can be very rewarding. There are other plusses about social work. You're not stuck behind a desk. Every day is different. You have scope to manage your own time and make your own decisions. But you'll enjoy professional support and training to develop your skills.

It's a worthwhile, varied career: with a wide range of different settings and job opportunities all over the country. The large and growing Social work sector offers a wide range of career opportunities... each offering the satisfying rewards of fulfilling an important and vital role in people's lives.

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